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Summer Is Coming To An End!

New Robert L. Nickels Intermediate

A mad dash to the end! All hands are on deck to get the new 5/6 building cleaned up and finished for the staff and students to start enjoying this beautiful building opening this school year. Everything is coming together as we are nearing the end of summer. You will see in the photos below all of the great aspects of this building!

Landscaping, trim pieces, asphalt paving and a playground waiting for its mulch is getting worked on in the above photos. Playgrounds receive a special mulch that will be 12" thick once it is spread in and settled.

Above is the new kitchen and cafeteria that will serve food for many years to come!

Above you'll see the main office, what the new bathrooms look like, small group rooms, classrooms and main corridors!

Hoops, bleachers and a fresh floor! The only thing that's missing is the crowds and students!


Football Stadium Turf Replacement

The turf field is all completed and looking fantastic! The students have already started enjoying it with the sporting camps that have taken place this summer.


New K-4 Renovation

DEMO DEMO DEMO! Lots of demo going on at the new K-4 renovation (old Robert L. Nickels Inter.) Old walls are coming down and new walls are going up to create an entire new layout to help with better classroom sizes, more small group rooms and age specific hallway wings.
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