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December Update: New K-4

A lot is happening at the new K-4 renovation this December. Classroom wings are coming to life with finishes such as paint, casework, ceilings and lockers. Other areas of the building are still in the rougher stages of the renovation with things going on such as mechanical and electrical work above ceilings, masonry walls being built and demolition.

This student wing features new lockers, casework and ceilings as well as all new lighting and HVAC. Most of the room layouts in this area have been reworked to provide the best work areas for the students.

The school features a brand new elevator located just outside of the gymnasium! The photo only shows the new masonry shaft that will house the new elevator. The old elevator was very small and located at the far West end of the building. This one will be a lot more user friendly.

Above is a view of the new media center location. This will be an open ceiling area that showcases various styles of "ceiling clouds". You can see the drywall ceiling clouds in place. There will be 3 other styles in place when it is all complete.

Above photos feature student hallways, classrooms and the cafeteria which are progressing daily!

The exterior of the building is getting work done with the canopy of the building, new metal paneling on the gym (the blue color is a waterproofing to keep moisture out, not the paint color!) and repairs to the existing buildings brick veneer.

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