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March Construction Update : Where is Spring?

New Intermediate School

Work at the new intermediate school continues to move forward while pushing through the cold conditions and hoping for warmer weather.

The cafeteria has the floors poured and interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is ongoing.

A rough look at what the new music room will be. This large space will give the students a good place to learn and advance their musical skills.

Above is the outside view of the two story West classroom wing. There will be another wing just like this constructed to the East of this one.

The roof structure system is called a "cold-formed steel" framing system. This system eliminates the need to use large structural beams to build up the roof system and allows for multiple "cold-formed metal studs" to be constructed together to build the roof structure. This is a common practice to use where heavy loads above the roof structure do not exist.


Administration Renovation Update

Walls are framed and drywall is going up!

Once all the drywall gets hung and finished, the painting process of the exposed ceiling areas will begin.

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