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February Construction Update: Administration Renovation Work Has Started!

Renovation work at the Administration building has begun! The staff has moved to a temporary location so they can continue operation throughout the course of construction. Demolition to the interior walls and flooring has started.

DID YOU KNOW? This is the first remodel to this building since it was built back in 2006. The old layout included open offices and cubicles while the the new layout will include both open offices, closed offices and joint working spaces.


What's going on down the road at the new Nickels?

Exterior Brick Veneer! Brick veneer is the decorative portion of a masonry wall construction and does not serve a structural purpose. The structural portion in this situation is supplied by the masonry block construction behind it, which is covered in the yellow spray foam insulation layer in the photos.

There will soon be some interior concrete floors being poured this month, as well as roofs being built at certain areas of the school.

This photo was taken standing in a future hallway that will act as the main highway for students to travel down to access all parts of the school.

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