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With the rush of summer behind us now, our summer projects are all wrapped up and the students and staff can enjoy their newly renovated spaces. Although school has opened up, the work to improve the facilities continues in a few areas within the District!

~ A peak into what was completed this summer ~

West Middle School had a new layout completed for the cafeteria and serving area. All new flooring, serving line equipment and a better flow for students to enter and exit with their food.


Marshall Elementary School had a wall that use to separate the café from the serving area that was completely removed to give the the staff and students a better traffic flow within the area. The majority of the work performed here is not visible to the eye because it is all underground! Large footings and piers were installed as well as a massive steel beam above the new opening to support the wall above. All new serving and cooking equipment was added to the space.


Parking lot work at both Brown and Marshall Elementary Schools. Brown had the approach way for the South parking lot enlarged to make getting buses in and out easier and the parking lot itself was completely reconstructed for new asphalt. Marshall Elementary had both East and West parking lots re-paved. The East lot was completely reconstructed and made larger to accommodate bus and pickup traffic.


The VSFAC at the High School received all new flooring throughout and other renovations such as paint, ceilings, lighting and improved office spaces.


~ A peak into the projects that are continuing ~

The District Services building renovation has started. An entire new exterior on the North and West sides and a remodeled interior to a portion of the building is underway. New training and conference space is being create in the areas that are being worked on.


The New Nickels School has continued work throughout the duration of the summer and will continue until August 2023. Here are a few photos of the classroom wings and gymnasium. The building "guts" that will make it perform for the students are being worked on throughout the building. This consist of all of the mechanical, plumbing and electrical that needs to be installed. The gym floor is poured and the space is starting to take shape. The East classroom wing will be receiving the steel trusses this month and roofing is to follow.

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