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June Construction Update: Construction Everywhere!

Construction is in full swing this summer in the district and it is around every corner! From parking lot reconstruction to interior kitchen upgrades and everything in between. There is work scheduled at 8 different location within the district with the majority of them needing to be completed before staff and students return. Take a look below at some of the progress that is being made at a few of the locations!

Brown & Marshall Elementary Parking Lots
Both schools are getting a portion of their parking lots "fully reconstructed". This means that the entirety of the asphalt, base and subbase get removed and completely rebuilt to ensure a very strong and long lasting product.
VSFAC Interior Upgrades

  • Flooring upgrades

  • Ceiling upgrades

  • Lighting & mechanical upgrades

  • Improved office spaces

New Nickels Intermediate

  • Gym roof framing and decking is complete

  • Interior mechanical, plumbing and electrical continues to move forward

  • Exterior aluminum window frames are going in

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