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February Update: What's Going On Now & What's Next?!


New 5-6 School

The gymnasium is all painted out, windows are in and basket ball hoops are going up! As you can see, this large space makes for a great storage area during the construction of this building to house a lot of finish items that are waiting for their final locations to be completed. The gym flooring is expected to start in March!

Ceilings and casework are installed through the classroom spaces. Mechanical and electrical finishes are being installed throughout these areas. Shown below is a group room and a corridor outside one of the main classroom wings.

The main office area is taking shape! Walls are completely built and the drywall is finished. Painting will be next and ceilings will follow.

Rain or shine the school's main entrance continues getting worked on! Framing is completed and now it will receive the remainder of the materials to finish it out. This canopy will really tie in the look of this building once it is complete!


District Services Training/Board Room

The space is all completed on the interior of the building but the exterior is still waiting on a few materials to finish it off! Along with the materials that we are waiting on, we are also waiting on some warm spring weather to finish off all of the landscaping outside of the facility.


What is next? A lot is finished, but a lot is soon to begin!

  • Football field turf replacement starting in June of 23' and a new lacrosse safety net system being installed prior to the season starting.

  • Parking lot replacements at Countryside Elementary and the Administration/District Services buildings in the summer of 23'.

  • Media center remodel at West Middle School, summer of 23'

  • K-4 building remodel (old Robert Nickels Elementary). Two classroom addition starts in April of 23' and the remainder of the building remodel will continue in June when school gets out.

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