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Construction in the Snow!

It is that time of year where the warm weather is behind us and outside work becomes a little more complicated. A lot of effort has been done to minimize the outside work for the next few months to be able to focus more on the interior of the buildings.

New Intermediate School

Polished concrete will be seen throughout many portions of the school. This is where the surface of the concrete is ground down to expose the aggregates (stone) within the concrete mixture.

Interior finishes have started in various areas. Above are some photos of the tile in both the individual and gang bathrooms.

Casework has been installed in multiple classrooms. This same layout will be seen throughout many classrooms.

District Services Training/Conference Center

Ceilings are up and fixtures like lights and diffusers are being installed. Walls have been first coated with paint and interior finishes have began such as tile, bathroom fixtures and casework.

The exterior of the building is almost complete and will allow for windows and outside doors installed.

Above the brick masonry will be metal paneling to finish off top of the wall. This will be a similar look to what is on the Administration building.

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