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April Construction Update: What Happened In April?

Administration Remodel

The administration building is starting to look more like an office space and less like a construction zone! A few items you will see being worked on are the installation of the ceilings, aluminum entrances and windows, casework and wall graphics.

Below is a view from the new entry on the East side of the building near the Early Childhood Center entry.


New Intermediate School

A lot of hard work is going into making sure the new Intermediate School continues to progress with construction of the roof systems. The main objective is to get sections covered up to keep the weather out. This helps us get the building to a "dry-in" state.

What does "Dry-in" mean in construction? Dry-In means that the building shell has being completed sufficiently to keep out rain, wind, snow, or weather in general. Reaching a dry-in state is important because it allows for interior work to continue without the risk of damage to weather sensitive materials that are used and installed indoors.

Interior mechanical, electrical, concrete and masonry work continues on the inside of the building as the roof continues to be installed.

The photos above are taken from the second floor level and show the framing system that supports the roof above the classroom wings. You can see a portion of the roof has the decking installed.

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